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Jordan Payne and her team are stirring it up!  The Dallas-based designer has taken her love of design to the acrylic with her brand new line of couture stir sticks.  An avid designer for everything from gorgeous weddings & home interiors to beautiful lifestyle products & gifts, Jordan was also able to combine her desire to help better the environment in her latest endeavor, which she introduced to the market in November of 2018. 
Her stylish and chic acrylic stir stick designs are washable & reusable making them a better alternative for the environment.
Now everyone can enjoy the fab, fun luxuries like customized stirrers that Jordan has been creating for her luxe clients for years!
From baby showers to birthday soirees, acrylic stir sticks are the perfect party accessory. 
Acrylic Sticks make a great gift, too, thanks to the team that can create custom designs resulting in an endless array of options.  Acrylic Sticks are proudly designed and produced in the USA!  STIR ON!

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